The Official Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Page

Welcome to the first Official Lord of the Rings roleplayers guide and page!

If your interested in becoming a character let us know through a question and we will see about approving you!
Be sure to read the rules!

Anonymous said: Is Pippin open? Also, can we just make a new blog or do we need a new account?

Definitely will need a new account. And yes I believe Pippin is open..

Anonymous said: Is this still going on? Where in the timeline are you?

Girl it’s been going on for years. Right now we’re into the Fourth Age but we don’t always work off of a timeline. This is a comedic roleplay so if you can be funny and post a lot then let me know who you’re interested in playing. Also, you’ll need to come off anon so we know you’re not a crazy killer stalker. And if you don’t have a blog you’ll need one anyways to start roleplaying!


The character list has been updated. For all character availability inquiries, please see the character list. 

Anonymous said: I would love to be apart of this!! What character can I be?

I am updating the list of characters this second! Patience all, and the list will be up momentarily. 

valyrla said: Hello! I was wondering if you can offer your own original character to RP by. If not, do you offer Hobbit characters for RPing? Thank you for your time.

Unfortunately we do not work off OC’s. We do offer Hobbit characters, however, we do mostly run in the time-canon of the Lord of the Rings.


Our lovely Frodo had to sign up with a new blog: CLICK HERE.


The holiday film season not only brings a new film but roleplaying season as well. In order to prepare for the influx of roleplayers, it’s time to clear out inactive characters and make a new list of active characters. 

By this Saturday, November 23rd please notify me if you wish to keep your character AND plan to remain active. Please note: If you do not contact me by this Saturday, your character will be given up, unless you have spoken to me previously. If you have spoken to me previously and/or if you do not remain active within two weeks of this posting your character will be given up. 

Characters who have posted in the last two days can disregard this message. That list is as follows: Galadriel, Frodo, Aragorn, Thranduil, Figwit and Legolas obviously.

There will be no exceptions. 

theprecious13 said: Can i join? I read the rules and i agree to them...

Yes of course which character are you after? Sorry this took so long, I suggest you contact me at legolasgreenleafbestandprettiest if you want to hear from me sooner!!!

Chat tonight. That is all.

We have an Eowyn.

Our Character List is Updated

You can find it here

If I left anyone out, let me know.

Come Chat Live!

Tonight We Chat

Batten down the hatches.

Anonymous said: Can you post the URLs of all current RPers in the group?

I will tonight keep an eye out